Frequently asked questions about Zhook 🧐

🏆 Why did we build Zhook?

Organising your research is a tedious task. Notes gets spread across devices and becomes cumbersome to manage. Zhook exactly solved this problem for us. Try it for yourself. 😀

I research when I travel. 🚗 🚗 Can I save Notes from mobile?

Absolutely! When Zhook is installed on your phone, you’ll see "Save to Zhook" in the list of actions in the share menu of your phones browser to save Notes. 😎

All this is great, what is next with Zhook? ✨

We are building plugins that you make efficient and grow such as the AI Blog Writer and SEO Checker. ❤️ We also plan to build a community of like minded professionals. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

🤠 Who is Zhook built for?

Zhook is built for content marketers, journalists, tech bloggers and academicians who end up doing a lot of research before they publish their content/stories/blog. 💯

How is Zhook different from Evernote? 📝📝

In Zhook, highlighted notes, images, videos, source URL and timestamp are auto-populated through the extension or mobile app. Notes get stored to apps where you deliver your work - Google Docs or Notion. Why do you need another software?

I hear Zhook is free. Really?? 🙃 😍

Zhook is in beta, we would love to make it best for you. Try Zhook for FREE and share your feedback. We are listening. 🤩

Still got questions? No worries, write to us at Zhook support and we will answer them for you with in 24 hours.