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Zhook lets you save web highlights — text, images or bookmarks — to your favorite editor, in real time.   All you need to do is, highlight your text or image, right click and Save to Zhook. 👉

Organize notes with Zhook

All in one workspace

Save text, images, bookmarks, everything you need

Research Notes

Save text and links from anywhere on the web

Zhook lets you save notes or ideas from any website with a single click.

Research Notes

Capture images, infographics and more

Get to the right stuff soon. Capture pitcures and graphs for your story.

Research Notes

Jot down quick notes, your brainwave

Got a quick idea? Just note it down for future reference, so that you never miss it!

Research Notes

Search Wises and view Workspaces

Anything you save will get indexed by Zhook. Just save and you can search later!

Sync Notes from Everywhere

Work across laptop or mobile seamlessly

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Highlight Notes from internet on your desktop/laptop using Chrome browser. Use the 'Extension Menu > Save to Zhook' option to save Notes. 👍

iOS and Android Phones

iOS and Android Phones

When Zhook is installed on your phone, you’ll see 'Save to Zhook' in the list of actions in the share menu to save Notes. Launching Soon 🔜


Save Notes where you work

Integrate Zhook with Google Docs or Notion Pages using the built-in connectors. When you save notes, they get populated to these editors seemlessly. Not just that, notes also get saved to your Zhook account.

Zhook smoothly integrates with these popular apps -

  • Google Docs
  • Notion Pages
  • Coming soon - Slack Channels
  • Coming soon - Zapier
Organize Notes


Organize notes and find them like a breeze

Organize notes based on topics. Create a Workspace for every topic and start saving notes.

An advanced full-text search ensures you find your Workspace and Notes super fast.

  • Create a Workspace for every topic
  • Workspace contain your notes
  • Full-text search gets you to the right stuff soon
Organize Notes

The Zhook way

Why choose Zhook?

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Zhook takes an innovative approach to organising your research. By "auto populating" Notes through Chrome extension, we have ditched the cumbersome drag and drop builders.
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Trust and Safety

Our users build stories that are engaging and confidential. Thats why we use SSL encryption to secure data in transit and rest to ensure data safety. Zhook never sells your data to 3rd parties or content to your competitors.
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Artifical Intellegence

Zhook is experimenting with an AI based module that takes your Notes and converts it into a first draft that is ready for review. You will publish with in minutes, not days! :)
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Customer Support

Its frustrating when there are glitches in your research work. We understand that. Just give us a shout and we will be there to unblock you. Would love to hear your feedback as well.

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