About Zhook

A note from our founder

A viral content piece, an exciting news story or an innovative research paper, doesn't happen by chance. It requires a great amount of passion, determination, and a lot of deep research. 💭

As a technical researcher, I have authored multiple research papers and everytime I worked on a paper, organizing my research was a hassle. Found interesting content on the web, and I used to store it in my bookmarks. While looking for information on my mobile phone, I used to select essential notes 📝 and save them on my phone or I used to ping myself on messaging apps like MS Teams or WhatsApp. And when I needed infographics or images 🖼️, I used to copy links only to forget about them later. Organizing research in one place without missing important Notes was not easy until I said “Enough!” and conceptualized Zhook! 👏

Zhook’s web extension and mobile app let you organize your research notes [text, infographics, images, tweets, and audio notes] and save them to an editor [Google Docs/ Notion Page] of your choice. All you need to do is select your content, right-click, and “Save to Zhook” and Zhook will do its magic.

Zhook will save the highlighted Note as a text along with the URL from which the Note was picked with a timestamp. Need to store Tweets or Threads? Use the @heyZhook bot, which will unroll the thread right into your Google Docs or Notion Page. 😎 Not just this, Zhook will save all these Notes chronologically. Collaborating with your colleague on this new story? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Just share your Google Doc and ask your colleague to use Zhook to save their Notes to the same Google Doc. Smooth, right? :)

Let's say you are writing an article about Nikolas Sparks’ new book signing event. You will capture the moments from the event (images), take audio interviews, save book reviews (twitter,websites) and its popularity ratings (infographics). With Zhook, you end up saving your Notes across these mediums in a single Google Doc. The only thing that's pending for you now is to arrange the content, polish paragraphs and Voila your draft is ready! Seems useful? 😃

Then, what are you waiting for? Try Zhook now! It’s free. 🏃‍♀️ 🏃

Art of writing is individual creativity, Zhook can help provide all that is needed to be finished. 🏆



Founder, Zhook