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We often find ourselves doing in-depth research juggling between our browser tabs. In such situations gathering information in an organized manner becomes stressful.

The probability of overlooking a crucial point or misinterpreting information increases under such circumstances.

To prevent that, we have designed a tool that streamlines the data collection process. It enables you to carry on the internet surfing with concentration without any interruption.

Research - The Groundwork Of Any Foundation

As Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said, “Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought." So with the right research, you create extraordinary output.

Most people tend to research and write at the same time. This may be the go-to approach of many, but definitely not the most efficient one. Instead, you should conduct comprehensive research, gather information, and develop your content layout before penning it down.

It saves time and effort and helps you develop a piece made after considering every angle. As a result, you get more accurate, free-flowing content, and not something you have put together in the final hours.

Problems We Run Into

We recognize the importance of research in content curation. However, research methodologies can vary greatly from person to person, resulting in a lack of consistency and organization. Throughout the process, different sources of content (e.g., text, graphics, video) may be consulted, leading to an unstructured approach.

A study by IDC shows that knowledge workers and data professionals, on average, spend 19% of their productive time every day, which is around 30% per week only on searching, governing, and duplicating data. Another survey by McKinsey suggests that the number is around 1.8 hours per day and around 9.3 hours per week only for searching and gathering information.

When conducting research, it's common to jump between different sources and pick out pertinent information piece by piece. Many people opt to manually copy and paste into their note-taking app, while others prefer to use highlighting tools.

That is the usual approach for most. But if your job requires you to do extensive research daily, wouldn't it be nicer to have an assistant who can collect, organize, and share the data with your team all in real-time while you only point them out?

Evolution Of Research

If we look at the history of research techniques and how they have evolved over the years, technology has brought significant change in making everything swift and simple. In the past, the only way to gather information to use later on was by putting down everything on paper manually. Now, we have unlimited digital means that can help us get organized, save space, and lower the chances of misplacing it.

The same goes for the method of data collection. Earlier, writers and researchers needed to rely on traditional research methods such as conducting interviews or visiting libraries and archives to gather information. But with the rise of the internet and search engines, writers now have access to a vast array of information at their fingertips.

With the availability of enormous data, it becomes hard to manage them. Researching and writing simultaneously can disrupt your flow or make you lose track of your topic. But with Zhook, you can focus only on what you need and leave the rest.

While researching, highlight what is important, be it text, images, or Twitter threads. Zhook will keep organizing them in a separate workspace in real-time. Once you are done researching, you simply glance at them and curate your masterpiece.

Is Research Only For Journalists And Writers?

It’s 2023, and those who believe that research is only crucial for journalists, bloggers and academic researchers are mistaken. With every industry's competitiveness, no one can rely on their gut feelings to make decisions.

Every profession nowadays requires research. For a marketer, it is important to take note of the recent market trends to come up with groundbreaking strategies. In this era of fast fashion, for a fashion designer, it is crucial to draw inspiration from the internet and design clothes that can be the next hot thing.

In conclusion, every profession, at some scale, requires research to come up with the most unique and profitable outputs.

What Does The Future Hold For Researching? Zhook It!

To solve the pains of retail researchers, we have come up with Zhook, a tool nothing less than a research partner. Right-click the piece of information to “Save to Zhook''

You can even sync it with your Google Docs or Notion, and it will keep gathering all the data in real time with specifications like the original source, date, and time. Once you are done researching, you will end up with all the important information you came across neatly organized in one place!

From Twitter threads to e-mails to images, it can collect it all! So the next time you need to do efficient research, just Zhook it!

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